To-Do Lists and Simple Projects with Completion Flow Workstreams


Completion Flow (kanban) Workstreams make managing to-do lists and simple projects a breeze with a standard flow based on the status of Action Items. Completion Flow Workstreams are fantastic for Simple Projects and To-Do lists/daily activity trackers. When you need to add a lot of granularity or showcase phases of a project or distinguish between the types of work being done by a team, then use a Custom Workstream.

Creating a Completion Flow Workstream

  1. Click the Create button in the upper right hand corner and select Workstream
  2. Provide the Following Details
    • Name - E.g. Project X, Michaels To-Do List, etc.
    • Purpose/FocusThis is a great place to add some context for the Workstream, such as the key stakeholders, additional clarity on the intent of the work, etc. There is a full text editor available in the Workstream after you select Save, should you need to change or update the context later.
    • Team(s) - Put your cursor in the box to see a list of Teams. Additionally, you'll notice the option to select Private Workstream, which cannot be shared/is private only to you.



  3. Completion Flow is checked by default.
  4. Select Save.

Managing your Action Items in a Completion Flow Workstream

As the name suggests, dragging and dropping Action Items from Column to Column changes the status of the Action Item.

You can also open up Action Items and change the status when adding a note or other content to the Action Item.



Learn more about Action Items.

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