Edit an Existing OKR


After setting an OKR, you may need to come back to it and make adjustments. That could include updating your Objective alignment, adding categories, changing the owner, or adding Workstreams or Objective dependencies.

Edit an Existing Objective

  1. Next to the relevant Objective, select the kebab menu (3 dots)
  2. Select Edit Settings from the dropdown

Locations where you can edit an existing Objective: 

  • The Objectives module
  • Teams page from the Teamwork module

Edit Objective Details

Click on the Pencil next to an Objective to update the following:

  • Team & Owner
  • Alignment & Dependencies
  • View Permissions
  • Category & Workstreams


Edit Key Results

After finalizing edits to your Objective, you can also edit or create new Key Results.

To edit or add Key Results:

  • Click the pencil next to any of your Key Results to populate the edit window
  • Add another Key Result by selecting Add another Key Result.

You can learn more about Key Result data sources in Key Results Overview.

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