(New) WorkBoard Meetings - Detailed Overview


Create WorkBoard Meetings to discuss your Objectives, Key Results, Workstreams, Action Items and any work associated with your strategic initiatives.

WorkBoard Meetings integrate with Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to create a WorkBoard Meeting Agenda for all of your calendar events to track your meeting outcomes.

Outlook or Google Calendar Integration

If you haven't already, check out this article to setup your Calendar Integration. While it's not a requirement, it makes creating Meeting Agendas for new and existing calendar events a breeze, and we recommend it for an optimal experience. 

Meetings Legend

This legend will help you understand the different types of Meetings you're seeing in WorkBoard.

Meetings Legend for the different types of WorkBoard Meetings

Creating Meeting Agendas

You can dynamically create WorkBoard Meetings for existing Outlook or Google calendar events and create ad-hoc and scheduled WorkBoard Meetings which can be linked to a calendar event at a later time.

Click-to-Create WorkBoard Meetings

If there's a WorkBoard Meeting associated with the existing calendar event, you will see the Topics icon, which is a number (0,1,2,3, etc.) & three horizontal lines. The Topic icon follows the Repeating Event icon which follows the Title of the meeting.

Meetings synchronized from Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook that don't have WorkBoard Meetings associated with them, will not have an Agenda. 

image showing recurring meeting and topic(s) symbols

Calendar Event without WorkBoard Meeting:

Calendar Event without the topic symbol

Calendar Event with WorkBoard Meeting associated with it:

Calendar Event with a topic symbol

To create a WorkBoard Meeting for the calendar event simply click on calendar event that doesn't have a Topics icon

Linking existing WorkBoard Meetings to existing Google or Outlook Events

Note: First ensure you've setup the integration with Google or Outlook.

Link ad-hoc and scheduled WorkBoard Meetings calendar event from Outlook or Google. After you link your Meeting to an Outlook or Google calendar event, scheduling (time, date, frequency), location, description and attendees is controlled and updated from your Calendar not from WorkBoard.


Steps to Link WorkBoard Meetings to Calendar Events

  1. Open a standalone WorkBoard Meeting.
  2. Click Link to Calendar
  3. Choose a Calendar Event that does not have a WorkBoard Meeting associated with it.
  4. WorkBoard notifies you that the agenda's name, time, location and description will now be managed by the Calendar rather than WorkBoard. Select Link.



Meet Now and Scheduling WorkBoard Meetings

Meet Now

Using Meet Now is a great way to set an Agenda ahead of a meeting or capture important Meeting Topics and Takeaways for ad-hoc meetings.

  1. From the main menu, select Meetings.
  2. In the side-pane in the bottom left-hand corner, select Meet Now to create an ad-hoc Meeting.



  3. Fill out the Meeting manually using the below as a key:



    Note: The name is automatically set to 'New Meeting' but can be updated at any time by taking your cursor, hovering over, and clicking into the name of the Meeting.

Scheduling WorkBoard Meetings and Pushing them to your Calendar

You can schedule standalone WorkBoard Meetings and push them to your Outlook or Google Calendar. Once in your Calendar, you can create a custom recurrence, add conferencing details and update attendees & other relevant information.

  1. Select New Meeting in the side-pane.
  2. Fill out your meeting details (Name, Schedule & Recurrence, Timezone, Location, Description and Attendees).
  3. Choose whether or not to Push this Meeting to Google/Microsoft Calendar
    Note: You can always push this meeting to your Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar later on (after you've added the agenda Topics). 
  4. Select Create.
  5. If you opted to push the meeting to your calendar, or if you make any adjustments to the time & recurrence, location, description, conferencing information (Zoom, Webex, Teams, Go2Meeting, etc.) and attendees then Outlook/Google take over, then future updates should be made from your calendar not WorkBoard.

Getting Around Meetings 

To find meetings of interest, easily search using the filter at the top of your meeting list via meeting title or invitee. 


Last Meeting Actions

Select the "Last meeting actions within your meeting agenda to view action items from your last meeting & keep the team on track.




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