Draw Attention to Key Results with Confidence Ratings


WorkBoard's RAG rating colors highlight the risk that you won't hit the level of achievement expected on your OKR.

Confidence Ratings allow you to draw attention to hidden risks or opportunities earlier in the Objective time period. These ratings provide a subjective perspective of trajectory based on the institutional knowledge of risks and recovery initiatives.

Note: In order to add a Confidence Rating to a Key Result, you must first enable this feature. Reach out to your WorkBoard Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Adding a Confidence Rating to a Key Result

You can only add Confidence Ratings to Key Results where you are the:

  • Owner, Updater, or both
  • Manager or Co-Manager of the team
  1. Click Objectives from the top of any page, then My Objectives.
  2. Select your Key Result.
  3. Click on the Confidence icon.mceclip0.png
  4. Choose your Confidence Rating from the dropdownmceclip1.png
    Confidence Ratings are subjective, which allows you to define Low, Medium, and High however you choose.
    • No Rating: Use this Rating when the work hasn't changed or is neutral since setting your OKRs.
    • Low: Use this rating when you have very Low Confidence that you will accomplish this Key Result within your OKR Time Period. (i.e. There are many risks uncovered in the process of attempting to complete this OKR which have changed whether or not you believe you can accomplish this key result.)
    • Medium: Use this rating when you feel that there's about a 40% - 70% chance of accomplishing this Key Result.
    • High: Use this rating when you feel that you have a 70% or higher chance of accomplishing this Key Result.
  5. Enter a narrative to go along with your rating.
    Note: WorkBoard requires a narrative along with your confidence rating. Why? Since Confidence Ratings are subjective, the narrative provides additional clarity into the risks or opportunities you need to highlight. 
  6. Choose Save.

After updating the Confidence Rating, any Team Member that has the 'OKR Updates' enabled in their email preferences will receive an email advising of the change. 

How and where Confidence Ratings Appear

Confidence Ratings appear on the Key Result Details page and when viewing an OKR.

Key Result Detail Page


Viewing an OKR


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