Mirroring Action Items


If you want to track the progress of an Action Item on another Workstream, you can mirror it just like a Key Result.

Mirroring will make all updates to the Action Item visible to those that have permission. The Action Item Owner, as well as Managers and Co-Managers of the Teams where the Action Item is mirrored, will have access to create and make changes to the Action Item (i.e. status, effort, owner).

Please note that this is only available for Custom Workstreams.


  1. Double-click the Action Item to open full detail mode
    • Note: The ability to mirror is only present in the full view of the Action Item.
  2. Click on the kebab menu (3 dots)
  3. Select Mirror Action Item



  4. Select the '+', then search for the Workstream and associated column. (Please note you must also be a member of the Team receiving the mirrored AI).




  5. Select Add and then Save to lock in your changes.

The Action Item will now be present on the other Workstream, and users from both Workstreams will be able to view and add comments to the Action Item.




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