Team Archiving


WorkBoard gives you the option of archiving Teams when they're no longer needed in your organization. When you archive a Functional or Working Group Team, the Workstreams and OKRs are auto-archived along with the Team, preserving your Teams work. 

Archiving Functional Teams and Working Groups is a different process and as such is covered separately in this article. 

Note: If you Archive Teams with OKRs then you're not asked to rate & review the OKRs.


Archiving Working Groups

Users with the Role of Manager or Co-Manager on Working Group (type) Teams have the ability to Archive. As mentioned above, archiving a Team will auto-archive all Workstreams & OKRs.

Follow these steps to Archive a Team:

  1. From the Teams page click on the Kebab in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Archive Team
  3. You will be prompted to archive the Team and will be advised that all Workstreams and OKRs on the team will be archived during this process.



  4. All members of the Archived working group will see the Team appear in the Archived Section in their Teams View.


Unarchiving Working Groups

Users can access and unarchive Working Groups in the Teams sub-menu on the Teams page. You can even Favorite Archived Teams if you'd like.

Follow these steps to unarchive a Working Group Team:

  1. From the Teams submenu under the Archived section click on one of your Archived Teams.
  2. Click on the Kebab and select Unarchive.

Note: When you unarchive a Team the OKRs and Workstreams do not unarchive but they're still accessible at any time by filtering on the OKRs or Workstreams pages or by using the Global Search.


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