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Biz Reviews automate showcasing Team and Organizational results. Biz Reviews are dynamic dashboards that display your Team(s) Objectives, Key Results, Workstreams, Charts, images and data integrations (iframes). 

Biz Reviews can be shared with any audience: your Team(s), a specific audience, globally visible or be kept for yourself.

Biz Reviews

You can create your own Biz Reviews and share them with specific audiences, and collaborate by inviting other Editors. 

Find Biz Reviews

Finding Biz Reviews and Collections is easy from the Biz Reviews Landing Page. Use filter and sort options, the search bar, and favorites to locate just what you need. Learn more about finding Biz Reviews and Collections.

Create a Biz Review:

  1. Select Meetings & Reviews from the main menu.
  2. Select Biz Reviews.
  3. Click the +New Biz Review button on the right side of the page.
  4. By default the name of your Biz Review  is New RBR: _Date_. Select the Title to change it.
  5. Give your Biz Review a Description to provide context for your audience.
  6. Select Done Editing to Save your Biz Review.


  1. Click Create.
  2. Select Biz Review.
  3. By default the name of your Biz Review  is New RBR: _Date_. Select the Title to change it.
  4. Give your Biz Review a Description to provide context for your audience
  5. Select Done Editing to Save your Biz Review.

Pro Tip: Learn how to add content to your Biz Review.

Share Biz Reviews

You can share your Biz Review globally or with Individuals and Teams. Learn more about how to share and change ownership of Biz Reviews. 

Publish Biz Reviews

WorkBoard allows you to Publish an entire Biz Review or to publish parts of it. Publishing Biz Reviews is helpful when you want to create an export or pre-read, or if you want to capture a snapshot of what a Biz Review was like in a certain time period. Learn more about how to publish Biz Reviews.

Biz Reviews Collections

With Collections, group a set of Biz Reviews for a specific meeting (e.g. Q2-2022 QBR, May MBR) or to organize a quicklist of your favorite Biz Reviews. Collections are private by default, but you can share them with other users and Teams. You can also add other users as Collection Editors. Collections can be shared with their unique URL. Learn more about Biz Review Collections. 

Present Biz Reviews

Switch from dashboard mode to Present mode with a single click to share your Team’s outcomes in meetings. From Present mode, enter Full Screen mode to scale up Biz Review content to present to large groups. Learn more about how to present Biz Reviews. 

Add Charts to Biz Reviews

Adding Charts to Biz Review provides a deep dive into the progress of Key Results. You can add data from other sources into your Biz Reviews or use existing Key Result data from current and previous quarters. Learn more about adding Key Result charts to Biz Reviews. 

Use Sections in Biz Reviews

Sections are subdivisions within Biz Reviews that provide a focused area to cluster related trays Add Charts, Text, Images, iFrames, and Analytics to Sections. Learn more about adding sections in Biz Reviews. 

Add and Edit Biz Review Trays

Biz Review Trays are a simple and effective way to showcase your part of the business, and are automatically updated based on progress you've made. Learn more about adding and editing Biz Review Trays. 

Embed Content in Biz Reviews with IFrames

WorkBoard Biz Reviews allow users to embed external web content like documents, videos, and interactive media using our IFrameiframe tray. For example, a web-hosted PowerPoint presentation, an online dashboard (Power BI) or web video (YouTube). Learn more about embedding content in Biz Reviews with IFrames. 

Personal Biz Reviews

Every user in WorkBoard has a Personal Biz Review by default, which are private and can’t be shared. This is a great way to monitor what’s important to you – whether that’s your personal development goals or your progress work on team initiatives. 

Duplicate Biz Reviews as Templates

WorkBoard allows you to easily duplicate Biz Reviews that you've created, and Biz Reviews that have been shared with you so you can create templates for your team. Learn more about duplicating Biz Reviews as templates for next quarter. 

Archive Older Biz Reviews

At the end of your OKR period, easily archive outdated Biz Reviews to clean up your Biz Review list. You can view Archived Biz Reviews in the Archived section in the side-panel at any time. Learn more about archiving older Biz Reviews. 


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