June 2020 Community Call

In this call, we previewed exciting capabilities coming in our June 2020 release and beyond, including:

  • Faster load time and content selection on Biz Reviews
  • Include narrative on Biz Review charts
  • Copy Biz Reviews
  • Publish Biz Reviews and include key result narrative
  • Connect specific Jira items to an OKR (Jira Cloud Plugin update)
  • Set persistent time period filters on My OKRs page
  • Simpler user administration
  • Connect work to results (workstreams, and action items or Jira issues)
  • Format meeting topics and takeaways

We also shared some resources you may find interesting:

  • The WorkBoard User Group in May was a terrific way to hear and learn from other customers’ experience — ask your CSM for the proceedings login so you can check out Microsoft, Workday, IBM, Comcast and all the sessions you missed.
  • Listen in to the Smarter Results Sound Bites — WorkBoard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad shares 2-minute best practices on setting OKRs, driving accountability, running OKR retro and reset sessions, and much more.

Be sure to watch the replay above and download the proceedings!

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