Create Dynamic Teams (Working Groups)


In WorkBoard there are two types of Teams that can be created. Although the terminology is the same (Teams), how they are created and where they are managed is different.

Functional Teams mceclip0.png: The core teams in your organization; what you would find in your organizational chart. Only WorkBoard Administrators can create Functional Teams.  I.E. Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Finance, etc. These Teams are viewable in the By Organization - Teams, Alignment View.

For more information on Functional Teams please see Creating and Managing Functional Teams 

Dynamic Teams (Working Groups) mceclip1.png: These Teams can be created by anyone and typically encompass cross-functional work, work done between one or more Functional Teams, or subsets of Functional Team Members. Working Groups do not appear in the Organization Alignment View however all Teams and their progress to achievement can be viewed in the Heatmap or by simply searching for the Teams OKRs in the Objective Alignment View.

Note: When you create a Team, you are the Manager (owner) of that Team.

Create a Dynamic Team (Cross-Functional Team / Working Group)

  1. Hover over Teams and select Add Team (or click on Teams and select Add Team in the submenu).
  2. Choose a Team name.
  3. Search for and add users in your organization.

    • Optionally you can:
      • Invite users via email if they have not been added to your organization. For more information about adding users via email see the Add & Remove Team Members article.
      • Create a different Workstream than the default Completion Flow Workstream (named Team Workstream) by typing in the name of the Workstream and hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard. You'll then be prompted to select a Completion Flow or Custom (create your own) Workstream.
  4. To allow the team to be discoverable in search and the Teams list, use the default setting of Yes. Otherwise, select No. The Manager, Co-Manager, or Team Admin role can change the setting at any time.
    Note: If the team is set to hidden, you'll see the hidden icon mceclip0.pngon the Teams page. 
  5. Select Done.
  6. You will be automatically redirected to your new Dynamic Team. 
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