March 2020 Community Call

In this call, we previewed exciting features coming in our March 2020 release, including:

  • Deeper Jira integration to see key results connected to work
  • Full flexibility to sort, size and customize your Biz Review trays 
  • OKR alignment tree now shows teams
  • Exec dashboard comparing aggregate OKR progress on company objectives
  • Quick link to see all key results owned by an individual
  • Manager view of OKRs and KRs for their directs
  • Quick actions & reactions on key results on OKR pages
  • Get the release notes to see all new capabilities

We also shared some resources you may find interesting:

  • Tune in to the OKR Podcast to hear how leaders at Cisco, Zuora, Malwarebytes and more are unlocking their full organization's growth potential, leveraging the OKR technique and other cutting-edge strategies.
  • Check out this interview with WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad on the Drift podcast with Maggie Crowley — they discuss why OKRs matter, how to use them, and how to get the doubters on board.

Be sure to watch the replay above and download the proceedings!

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