Identify and See Key Result Dependencies

For complex projects where one key result shares dependencies with others on numerous or widely distributed teams, there's a risk of losing track of one or more moving parts. For those cases, you can define dependencies between individual key results -- you'll get a neat visualization that will help you keep track of all the results that are related to your own outcome, and you can quickly spot red flags.

Steps to establish Key Result Dependencies

When creating a new key result, select "More options" or "Advanced options" to see the Key Result side modal with a full range of advanced options for Key Results. You can also access the side modal for any Key Result that you decide to edit at a later time.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Key Result modal, you will see an option for Add Key Result Dependencies. 


Clicking on the link allows you to search and select Key Results that your result depends on. These dependencies can be from teams in your own function, or lateral and cross-functional teams.


If your result is a dependency of another team's Key Result, you can use the second drop down to to establish the relationship. By marking your result as dependency of another result, you effectively indicate that your result aligns to another result.

Viewing Key Result Relationships

For any Key Result that has any alignment or dependency relationships, you can click the “view alignment tree” link from the Key Result Detail page to access the visualization and navigate the relationships.




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