Azure DevOps (ADO) Plugin

Bring WorkBoard OKRs in to your Azure DevOps (ADO) experience to see the outcomes that your work drives right within Azure DevOps. 

The Azure DevOps plugin will also let you see all the key results you are responsible for, and automate updates for your key results directly from the completion of work in ADO.


  • See your My OKRs page in your Azure DevOps environment
  • View and update the key results you are responsible for right from within ADO
  • Integrate Azure DevOps to automate progress updates for your key results with queries or completion of work items


  • An admin needs to download the plugin for your Organization from from Azure DevOps Marketplace.
  • Once that plugin has been installed, navigate to a project in ADO, and click on the “WorkBoard” tab.
  • Click on the “Connect WorkBoard” button to sign in with your WorkBoard account.



  1. Navigate to a project in ADO, and click on the “WorkBoard” tab on ADO project left navigation. 
  2. From the "My OKRs" page, click the “Connect WorkBoard” button to sign in with your WorkBoard account.
  3. You may be prompted to login to WorkBoard. If so, login at this time.
  4. You should now see your “My OKRs” page view that you see in WorkBoard in ADO. This page will function very similarly to the experience in WorkBoard, letting you expand objectives to see key results and to click to open details. 


You will also be able to see all of the key results that you are responsible for updating if you have been assigned key results to update. To get to this view, click the WorkBoard tab and then click Key Results I Update.

From this view you can click “Use ADO to Update” for applicable key result types in order to source the data directly from a set of Work Items or saved queries within ADO. 



When you click “Use ADO to Update” you will be prompted with a popup window where you can:

  1. Select the set of Work Items you wish to measure, by ID, name or saved ADO queries.
  2. Select the project statuses that should indicate completion of work
  3. Save the configuration 

Additional items to note:

  • WorkBoard will check for updates to the status of work items and progress of Key Results every six hours. 
  • When you set up a Key Result to get its data from a query in ADO, refresh the browser to see the updated progress values.
  • You can force the sync at any time by clicking on the Sync ADO Data button
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