Cascade a Key Result: Part 2 - Accepting the Cascade

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Introduction for Cascade Recipients

Cascade recipients will receive an email and an in-app notification asking for them to create the cascade (part of the overall outcome). Additionally, the user will be prompted to create the Key Result on the My Key Results page as well as on the My Work page in the This Week view, every day until they create the Key Result.

My Key Results


In-App Notification


This Week (My Work)


Create the Key Result

1. From any of the notifications or pages above, select Pick Up and Create the Key Result.

2. You'll be presented with options on how you'd like to provide values for the Cascade:

  • I will make Key Result Updates - You will be responsible for making updates on the cadence selected by the creator of the Cascade.


  • Delegate someone else to make updates - You can delegate someone else to make updates to this part of the Key Result, however you're still ultimately responsible for it.


  • Cascade this Key Result again to multiple people - Split the outcome that has been assigned to you to multiple people and sum up or average out those values.


  • Link to another Key Result for Updates - This is essentially a Mirror Key Result inside of a Cascade. Use this option if you've already created this Key Result, and instead of recreating it by selecting to make Key Result updates yourself, you can simply Link it, by searching and selecting an existing Key Result that you have access to.


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