Import Objectives & Key Results with Excel Template


Enterprise customers can leverage the OKR Import Excel Template to upload a large set of objectives and key results into WorkBoard at once. This is especially helpful when you’re just getting started with WorkBoard and want to populate objectives and key results previously tracked in spreadsheets into WorkBoard.

Given a few nuances in the structure of the template, submit a support ticket to work with the WorkBoard support team on structuring the template and uploading the objectives and key results into WorkBoard.

Structure of Template

Restructure your objectives and key results data into the template with the following header mapping, so your data is entered correctly: 

  1. Goal: Your objective name.
  2. KR: Your key result name. Add all key results for a specific objective in the rows below the Objective.
  3. Team ID: The ID of  the specific team the OKR will belong to. The team ID can be found on the URL of the Team's page (from the Team's module).
  4. Start: Fill only for the Objective row as the objective start date.
  5. End:  Fill only for the Objective row as the objective end date.
  6. Source: Default to 1 for a result updated by a person. Additional options are highlighted in the template as a comment.
  7. Measure: Select between number, currency, or percentage. (1 for number, 2 for currency and 3 for percentage)
  8. Target: Target value for your key result.
  9. Counting: Indicate if you’re counting up to a higher target, or counting down to a lower target.
  10.  Frequency: Frequency of updates for your key results (Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  11. Permissions: The person who owns the action item (use email address).
  12. Owner: Select email  address of the team manager for the Objective row. Select email address of the key result owner for a key result row. Both users must be members of the team.
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