Import Objectives & Key Results with Excel Template


Enterprise customers can leverage the OKR Import Excel Template to upload a large set of Objectives and Key Results into WorkBoard at once. This is especially helpful when you’re just getting started and want to bring Objectives and Key Results previously tracked in spreadsheets into WorkBoard.

You can submit a support ticket to get assistance from the Support Team with structuring and uploading the template. Please note that the import function is not available in WorkBoard, so submitting a support ticket is required for the import portion of the process. 

Structure of Template

Use the template attached to this article or restructure your Objectives and Key Results data with the headers below:

  1. Goal: use this field for the Objective name.
  2. KR: use this field for the Key Result name. Add all key results for a specific Objective in the rows below the Objective.
  3. Team ID: use this field to identify the specific team the OKR will belong to. The team ID can be found by navigating to Teamwork > Teams and selecting the applicable Team. From here, locate the ID from the webpage's URL. Leave this field blank to upload a Personal Objective.
  4. Q1-Q4: indicates the quarter period for an Objective. Enter a 1 in the corresponding quarter column (only at the Objective level) to specify that as the time period, or use the Start & End fields below. 
  5. Start: use this field to specify the Objective's start date, fill only for the Objective row.
  6. End: use this field to specify the Objective's end date, fill only for the Objective row.
  7. Source: use this field to designate how the Key Result should be updated:
    • 1: Person (default)
    • 2: Workstream 
    • 9: Cascade
  8. Measure: this field specifies the Key Result's unit of measurement for progress:
    • 1: Number
    • 2: Currency
    • 3: Percentage
    • 4: Average cycle time
  9. Target: target value for your Key Result.
  10. Initial: starting value for your Key Result.
  11. Counting: indicates how the Key Result will count progress:
    • 1: Should increase to
    • 2: Should decrease to
    • 3: Threshold (use column R and S for upper and lower limit)
    • 4: Range (use column R and S for upper and lower limit)
  12.  Frequency: update cadence for when the Key Result should measure progress: 
    • 1: Daily
    • 2: Weekly
    • 3: Monthly
    • 4: Quarterly
  13. Cascade: if cascade is selected as the measurement in Column J, add the email addresses for the cascade recipients in this column. Please add a comma to separate each address.
  14. Progress type: 
    • Sourced from a Person:
      • 1: Last entered value
      • 2: Total of all entered values
      • 3: Average of all entered values
    • Sourced from a Cascade:
      • 2: Total of cascades
      • 3: Weekly average
  15. Owner: the owner of the OKR, input the Team Manager's email address on the Objective row. You can designate Key Result owners by entering the KR owner's email address on the KR row. Both the Manager and KR owner must be members of the team.
  16. Workstream: use this field to designate which Workstream the KR should pull progress from. (Note: this field is only relevant if the source, or column J, is set to Workstream)
  17. Permission: use this field to set the view permissions for the Objective and Key Results.
    • For Team OKRs:
      • Organization can view: 8
      • Only Team: 7
      • Reports to owner: 2
      • Management can view: 1
    • For Personal OKRs:
      • Organization can view: 8
      • Management can view: 10
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