Chrome Extension

Workboard's Chrome Extension allows you to view, add, and check off completed tasks on your daily Action Item list without switching browser tabs or navigating away.

It will also show a notification button when Key Results are due for update.


Just type your action item in the text field and hit return. Items added this way will default to your actions in your Personal Stream due today.

To add a different due date, use date keywords or type in a date:

  • !tom - Due tomorrow
  • !mon - Due next Monday
  • !next week - Due next week (7 days from today)
  • !mm/dd - Any date. For example, typing !02/14 will set the due date to February 14th.

Use the @ symbol to assign it to someone, like @Priya@ or @Jeff@.

To put the action item in a specific workstream, type # and the workstream name.


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