July 2019 Community Call

On this call, Chief Financial Officer Rob Gillespie and Global Strategy Leader Ryan Padilla from GHX shared their insights on how WorkBoard 1on1 meetings are helping to accelerate results, and institutionalize alignment & accountability. Here are some of the highlights from their journey:

  • Fact-based 1on1s are being used as a practice at GHX to drive clarity and accelerate results, not just “to meet”
  • Both employee and manager are accountable for focused agendas and productive conversations
  • 1on1 meetings in WorkBoard are enabling honest conversations and giving employees real time feedback to support their success
  • You can watch the full overview of the GHX 1on1 story here
  • “Come into the meeting informed, not to get informed”

In addition, WorkBoard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad previewed WorkBoard’s newest and upcoming capabilities - including:

  • Set an Annual Key Result with specific targets for each quarter
  • Plan vs. Actual Key Results chart type
  • Use of machine learning to capture intended meeting action items
  • Bringing WorkBoard and your Key Results into JIRA
  • Single view of a leader’s Objective and all the OKRs that align to it

Download the slides

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