Mirror a Key Result


If another team member is already tracking a result that’s relevant to your own objective for the same time period, you can easily mirror it on your own OKR.

Updates synchronize from these changes:

  • If the key result name is changed
  • If the key result target & measurement type is changed
  • If the key result is updated with data
  • When comments and narrative are added
  • If the confidence flag and narratives are updated

Link to Another Key Result

  1. Type in your Key Result name
  2. Select Advanced Optionsmirror_kr_setup.png
  3. Select Mirror one key result
    • Note: With the addition of KR Owners, you have the option of setting a Business Result Owner for any Key Result including a Mirror. This allows this individual to update or change the KR if necessary. For more information about Key Result Ownership please see Owners for Key Results.
  4. Search for the Key Result you wish
  5. Select Save

Your team member’s updates and comments will be instantly reflected on your objective.


Note: When mirroring a Key Result with restricted view permissions, ensure that you also modify the view permissions of the subsequent Objective and/or Key Result, so the result is shared with the correct audience. 

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