Add Users to an Organization


Workboard account administrators can add new Workboard users by using the Administrator Tools.

Note: You should only add users manually if you do not have Provisioning setup whereby another source of truth (WorkDay, or an Identity Provider such as Active Directory, Azure Directory Services, OneLogin, Okta, etc.) is actively updating WorkBoard.


Adding new users via the Directory page

1. Administrators can access the Administrator Tools by clicking on the settings gear icon or their profile picture.

2. Once you access the administrator tools, you can see the Directory that includes all users in your organization.

3. On the Directory page, click the Add New User to the Organization button and fill in the pop to add a new user. 


Note: When you add a user via the directory, adding them to a specific team is done via the Manager field.

4. Select Done which automatically sends a welcome email to the user.

Adding new users directly to the Team 

You can also add new users to your organization directly to their Functional Team or Working Group rather than the Directory page.

1A. Click on Team Directory or Working Groups, select the Team on which you'd like to create and add a user to and select Add Member to get the Add User pop-up:


1B. Click on Org Structure, then double-click the Team on which you'd like to create and add a user to, and select Add Member to get the Add User pop-up:


2. Simply add in their details and select Done:


3. As with the Directory method, the users will immediately receive a welcome email from WorkBoard.


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