Getting Around WorkBoard

Now that you've logged in to WorkBoard, it's time to take a look around!

The primary way to get around in WorkBoard is the top or main menu. From here you can access all of your WorkBoard modules: Running Business Reviews, My Work, Workstreams, Objectives, Meetings and Teams.


Hover over each menu item to see a list of your favorited items as well as the pages you've visited recently. Click on the menu item to navigate to the main page for each module.


Once you have accessed a specific feature from the main menu, you can find additional navigation options on the side pane or sub-menu

Click the arrow to close the pane and maximize your screen space; click it again to reopen the pane. Use the Jump to contextual search box to find individual or team objectives, teams, or Workstreams, depending on which module you are currently in.


On many pages, you will have additional options, such as printing or publishing, favoriting, and filtering. 


Many individual items on a page will also have a kebab menu with options for actions you can take with that item, such as sending a ping for status, giving the owner a badge, adding the item to a team or 1on1 meeting, and more. Hover over the item to reveal the kebab menu icon.


On main menu dropdowns, as well as on the sub-menus, you will see contextual lists of Favorites. Add items to your Favorites lists so you can access them fast -- just click the Pin icon that appears at the top right of most pages in the app.


On the top right of the page, you'll see some quick access tools to allow you to add action items fast, search WorkBoard, see notifications or give a badge. At the top right corner of the page is your preferences menu. Click here to add a photo, set your email notification preferences, integrate to Slack, Microsoft Teams, your calendar, and much more.


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