June 2018 Community Call

Say goodbye to slide deck reports! With our June release, you can add text, tables, and data from external business data sources to your Running Business Reviews (RBRs) for real-time transparency instead!

In the June 2018 Workboard Community Call, we demo these exciting new capabilities:

  • Add tables and text to your RBRs: Sometimes you need a bullet list next to a chart and sometimes a chart isn't the ideal way to present your data — now add free text to your RBR and show your results in a simple table. Goodbye slide formatting.
  • New Outlook calendar and email plug-in: Schedule Workboard meetings or add action items from Outlook with one click!
  • Filter boards by owners, priority, risk, status or tags: Track and manage work more easily by viewing what's most important. Show only at-risk items, or tasks belonging to a particular team member.
  • Create action items from Slack messages: When an actionable idea comes up during a Slack chat, turn it into a Workboard action item with one click! You'll be able to share status and collaborate on execution without searching through old conversation threads.

 You can also download the slides.

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