Key Results from External Business Data Sources (Data Streams)

If your organization's technical administrators have set up a data stream to push business data into WorkBoard from an external application or repository, you can use it to automatically update your key results.

When you create your key result, click Advanced options, then select Pull data from external applications.


Next, click the “Data Streams” button. Select the data stream you want to use as the source. You can search the list of available streams by name or category.


Once you’ve selected your data source, indicate whether the data stream is already a progress percentage, or if you want WorkBoard to calculate the data stream progress.

Set a start and target value, and select whether the target should be higher or lower than the starting value, or if success should be measured by maintaining the exact target value or falling into a range.

Lastly, select whether the KR progress should be the last entered value, the total of all values, or the average of all entered values.


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