April 2018 Community Call

In this community call, we demo the exciting features coming in our mid-April 2018 release:

  • Pin Favorites to Top of Menu in All-New Navigation: A sleek new menu bar moves to the top of the page and displays what you recently used so it's all one click away. Pin favorite objectives, workstreams, and actions to the top of the menu list. Jump to specific workstreams, objectives and items from a much-improved left panel navigation.
  • Display Data from Other Sources on Business Reviews and Dashboards: Take your Running Business Reviews to the next level by adding graphs, charts, images, and videos from other business ​systems. Now the top of your Business Review can include graphs of your key results, charts from Periscope or Tableau, and images of product or team — anything with an iFrame.
  • Workboard in Microsoft Teams: We are super excited about this powerful integration: ​Chat with Workboard in Teams to get or update results, grab Workboard data and charts to include in a chat with colleagues, and run Workboard meetings and Business Reviews as tabs within Teams.
  • Meetings 3.0: Track Along & Get Feedback: Check calendar availability as you plan the Workboard meeting​, and use the new plug in to plan directly from Outlook. ​As you move down the meeting agenda, the topic being discussed is highlighted so it's easier to follow along. And we've made note taking even easier. After the meeting, ask for feedback ​on the meeting itself so your team get smarter about its time!

Watch the replay to get all the details. You can also download the slides.

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