Direct & Dotted Page and Manager's Lens

Managing results is all about managing and coaching people. The Direct & Dotted page and the Manager's Lens side panel are tools to help empower managers:

  1. See where and who needs coaching and attention and who has drifted off course
  2. Plan 1on1s based on who needs coaching and on what
  3. Go into your 1on1s prepared with what they have achieved and challenges they have encountered in the last week/month/quarter

Watch this short demonstration of the Direct & Dotted Page and Manager's Lens (excerpted from the May 2024 Community Call)

Direct & Dotted Page

If you are a manager, use the Direct & Dotted page as your command center to quickly see how work is distributed among your team, identify who needs coaching to get back on track, and recognize who is excelling and deserves a shoutout and kudos!

Access the Direct & Dotted page from the Teamwork menu on the top navigation. The page will only be available if you are a people manager.

Teamwork -- My direct & dotted-rakesh.png

Use the insights on team member progress and status to quickly spot who may need help, and how to best prepare for your next 1on1 conversation.


  • Responsibilities

    • OKRs: Count of open OKRs the user owns (both team and personal OKRs)
    • Key Results: Count of open Key Results for which the user is a data provider or owner (both team and personal OKRs)
    • Due for Update: Count of Key Results due for update
    • At Risk: Count of Key Results that are in red
  • OKR Status: The progress bar represents the average progress percentage of all the open OKRs the user owns (both team and personal OKRs)
  • Focus: a representation of results focus, the count shows the number of days the person has been active in WorkBoard in the last 10 days (excluding today). The 10-day window includes both business days and weekends. e.g. If the Focus count is 6 of 10, then it means Susie has had some activity in WorkBoard on 6 days in the last 10 days.
  • Next 1on1: The date and number of agenda items for your next 1on1 – as long as you have set up your 1on1s series in WorkBoard.

Prepare for your next 1on1 by clicking the team member's name on the Direct & Dotted page to navigate to their individual profile page. There you can get a handy overview showing the results the individual is driving, the Manager's Lens with a GenAI-drafted summary of their latest impact, and much more!


Effective 1on1s in WorkBoard

Conducting 1on1s in WorkBoard allows you to elevate your discussions with data-driven agendas, where:

  • Both parties can plan ahead and add topics to a shared agenda 
  • Current progress to plan can be added right to the agenda
  • Decisions can be captured and memorialized
  • Follow ups hit your to-do lists instantly
  • PACE calibration tool can serve as a conversation starter for gaps in alignment


The Direct & Dotted page and the Manager's Lens help managers spot issues more easily, and better prepare for great coaching and 1on1 conversations. 

To set up your 1on1 meetings in WorkBoard, you can either create a new series directly in WorkBoard or link existing recurring 1on1 meetings from your calendar to WorkBoard.

  • This guide will show you how to create a new 1on1 in WorkBoard, especially if you don't have an existing cadence set up on your calendar already.

  • If you already have existing recurring 1on1s on your calendar and you would like to connect those for 1on1s you conduct in WorkBoard, you can find a short set of instructions here.

  • Best Practices Guide: You can learn more about pro moves for effective 1on1s here.

Manager's Lens

The Manager's Lens provides an AI-powered, personalized summary of each team member's progress and impact. The Manager's Lens also includes powerful shortcuts and workflows that enable managers to thoughtfully prepare and add topics to their next 1on1 meetings while keeping the person's Objectives, Key Results, received Kudos, and GenAI impact summary in view.

Access the Manager's Lens by going to the profile page of a direct report. The collapsible side panel is only visible to the person's people manager.

Impact Summary

The Manager’s Lens Impact Summary is your quick window into your direct’s recent accomplishments and challenges.

The AI-generated progress summary collates OKR and execution progress, risks and impact to accelerate your preparation for your 1on1s with a more informed set of suggested topics.

The AI-generated summary offers an insightful overview of each team member's progress and impact, drawing from their OKRs and workstream activities within the summary report period. Summaries for team leaders also draw from and highlight contributions from the teams they lead. 

The report is structured to highlight:

  • Accomplishments: Key achievements since the last meeting.
  • At Risk or Stalled: Areas where progress is lagging or risks are emerging
  • Suggested Topics for Next 1on1: AI-generated suggestions based on recent performance trends and upcoming objectives.

Please note that the Impact Summary and Manager's Lens is an Intelligent Enterprise offering. Please contact your CSM for more information.

Limitations of Summaries and Briefs

Please be aware that AI-generated summaries are created using large language models (LLMs) that rely on predictive algorithms. This means there's a possibility that these summaries might include inaccuracies or incorrect information.

Therefore, we recommend using AI-generated summaries as initial drafts to speed up your reporting or as starting points for further inquiries, rather than as completely accurate reports.


Quick Topic Planner

Use the information on each person's profile page to inform and shape discussion points and agenda items for your upcoming 1on1s and coaching sessions. You can quickly add topics to your next meeting using the convenient next 1on1 topic planner.

Note: you'll need to set up WorkBoard 1on1s to be able to use the quick topic planner.

Shortcut to Delegate Actions

Offering a streamlined pathway to quickly assign follow-ups, the Manager's Lens also has a handy tool to facilitate quick delegation of actions that may come to your mind as you review the person's results, or read through their impact summary. If a 1on1 meeting is already scheduled, any actions created will automatically be added to the meeting's agenda.

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