A Guide to WorkBoard’s GenAI Features

Co-Author drafts OKRs, executive summaries and team status reports for you in seconds – so you can quickly edit and refine them rather than start from scratch.

OKR Co-Author

Setting OKRs just got a lot easier with GenAI!


  • Use generative AI in WorkBoard Co-Author to draft objectives and help the team refine key results. Co-Author uses your last OKRs and your input to generate quick drafts for you, so the team can focus on the discussion!
  • Click Co-Author to get started, then choose the team and time period.

Better conversations and key results!


  • After you’ve saved your objective, use Co-Author to help draft and refine your key results.
  • Add a task and ask Co-Author to help make it more measurable or to try again. Use suggestions to advance the discussion and refine your thinking.
  • Once you agree on key results, click “use this” and move on.

Learn more about authoring great OKRs with Co-Author!

Scheduled Briefs

Get the briefing you need, when you need it, without meeting!


Let WorkBoard's Co-Author draft a pre-read for your weekly staff meeting, or automatically get a regular progress summary on a key cross-functional initiative delivered straight to your email.

  • No more waiting for the meeting or chasing progress updates – get the briefing you need when and where you need it.
  • Choose the dimensions you want to include – any combination of Teams, Objectives, Key Results, or Workstreams.
  • Schedule when you want your briefing delivered and get it delivered right to your inbox.

Team Summaries

Use GenAI to draft a status report for the team’s OKRs and workstreams. Accelerate your team and reduce meeting time in 2 ways:

  1. Anyone can run a status summary in their time zone and language to get the latest status.
  2. Team managers can generate a draft, review and then publish it to the whole team and beyond.

Skip the sitting-down standup with team status summaries!


  • Choose the time period and what to include.
  • Pick bullet-list or narrative format.
  • Choose which language you want it in.

Review, adjust and share!


If you are a team manager:

  • Make any adjustments to the draft.
  • Publish to the team in WorkBoard.
  • Drop it in a Microsoft Teams channel.

Scorecard Summaries

Get a summary of changes since the last meeting!


Use GenAI to quickly draft a summary of what’s changed in the last week or two and what needs attention now.

  • Click Generate.
  • Review and adjust the draft so it suits your message.
  • Publish it via MS Teams ahead of the meeting.

Everyone can come into meetings prepared – or maybe you don’t need the meeting at all!

Biz Review Summaries

Get an instant executive brief for your Biz Review!


Use GenAI to draft the executive brief for your business review in just seconds. The brief highlights progress and what needs attention in the next meeting.

  • Click Generate.
  • Refine the draft as needed.
  • Insert it as a tray on the Biz Review.
  • Move the tray where you want it!

Bonus points: Post the summary in a Microsoft Teams channel so meeting attendees read it before the meeting and come in prepared!

OKR Canvas Summaries

Organize and compile the team's observations from brainstorms and retros!


Use GenAI to summarize stickies from brainstorming sessions or team retros, or quickly cluster stickies by theme, so you can focus more time on planning and executing and less on organizing.

  • Select multiple stickies on your Canvas, then click the Co-Author icon and select whether you’d like to Summarize stickies or Cluster stickies by theme.
  • Following a team retro, click the Co-Author icon at the top of the Retro template and select Summarize Reflect & Reset to generate a shareable narrative capturing the team's learnings.

Team Member Impact Summaries

Be the manager you always wanted to have and always wanted to be.


The Impact Summary is a human-in-the-loop AI-generated summary of progress and impact to help managers give more specific feedback and be better prepared for 1on1s.

  • Click through to a team member's Profile Page from the Direct & Dotted dashboard, then generate a new Impact Summary to understand progress and challenges since the last 1on1, based on their OKRs, actions and comments.
  • Leverage suggested topics of discussion to quickly build the next 1on1 agenda.

Quick Tours in WorkBoard


Get a quick tour of any of the above capabilities by clicking the (?) at the bottom of any page in WorkBoard, selecting "Get Onboarded," and then selecting "GenAI & Co-Author Tours."



Contact your CSM for WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise upgrade pricing and information.

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