Offset Updates for Key Result Data Integrations

What is an Offset for Key Result Data Integrations?

Key Results that connect to an external data provider can be configured with an optional Offset.

And Offset is a fixed number of days to delay collecting the update value for a Key Result

This allows WorkBoard to support collecting Key Result update data from sources that may have a delay in displaying the latest data.

Use Case: line of business teams in Finance, Marketing & Sales often have a "closing period" in their business operations that leads to a predictable delay the settling of transactions in systems of record (e.g. Salesforce & PowerBI).

Solution: Add an Offset to a Key Result sourcing its update data from these external systems lets WorkBoard wait a fixed number of days before collecting each update. 

Example: Sales Revenue Key Result Sourced from Salesforce

- Sales Revenue figures are tracked in a Monthly Key Result sourced from Salesforce.

- The Sales Ops teams have a 3-day closing period after the end of the month.

- Add a 3-Day Offset to the Key Result for Sales Revenue ensures that WorkBoard will wait until the third day after the month ends to update the Key Result.

For audit purposes, WorkBoard adds a note to the Activity section of the Key Result when an Offset is added or changed.

How to Configure Offset Updates for Key Result Data Integrations:

1. Create a Key Result that Pulls Data from an External Application

2. Choose the External Data Source

3. Check the Offset box

4. Enter the # days to Offset the Update Collection (1-30 days)

Offset Key Result Configuration.png

5. Save Key Result 

6. View Key Result Activity identifying that an Offset has been set 

Offset Key Result Activity.png

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