January 2024 Community Call

Watch the replay of the January 2024 Community Call. We looked at how WorkBoard's new GenAI capabilities are addressing some of the thorniest strategy execution challenges by:

  • Making OKR alignment easy for everyone by generating drafts and improving existing OKRs with Co-Author.
  • Simplifying dependencies by identifying what and where they are using GenAI and machine learning so teams have eyes wide open.
  • Improving collaboration across teams and time zones by generating status summaries and translating them on demand with Co-Author.
  • Distilling team learnings and observations in their retros so the knowledge is reusable.

We also previewed new capabilities we'll be releasing this quarter, including scheduled briefs, performance summaries and much more!

cover.png Ready to get started with WorkBoard GenAI?

Use this guide to start the conversation with your executive, IT, and strategy operations teams about the benefits of adopting WorkBoard's GenAI to help drive your organization's strategy execution.

You can also download the slides.

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