Set Action Attributes with Quick Add Syntax


Use the following syntax to quickly and easily set the attributes of actions added via email, text message, or the Quick Add tool at the top of the Workboard window.

If you're an Outlook user, skip the syntax and just use Workboard's Outlook Add-In to convert emails to actions in just a few clicks.

Where Can You use Quick Add Syntax?

  • Adding an Action by Clicking the "+" next to the magnifying glass at the top of the page.
  • In WorkBoard Meetings as a takeaway
  • By texting or emailing WorkBoard

Use Quick Add Syntax

Add the Action to a particular Workstream:

  • Use the # to bring up a search for your available Workstreams that you can add this Action to Insert
    Example: #Pipeline development#

Delegate the Action a specific team member:

  • Use the @ symbol before and after a user's name, the due date, and the date. 
    Example: @Joan@, Due Date, !4/31

Update the Priority:

  • Use an open brace with the priority letters or words. 
    Example: {h or {red (for highest priority), {l or {low (for lowest priority, which is the default)

Update the RAG Rating:

  • Use an open brace with the RAG Rating letters or words. 
    Example: {r or {red, {a or {amber, and {g or {green

Set the Status:

  • Use an open brace with the status letters or words. 
    Example: {d or {doing, {n or {next, {p or {pending, {d or {done
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