Deactivate Users from an Organization


A user can be removed by the WorkBoard Administrator or by an API call from the Single Sign-On provider. We recommend creating and updating users from your source of truth (user directory) and only doing it manually when you don't use Single Sign-On or an HRIS system to create/update/deactivate users.

Note: WorkBoard does NOT delete user accounts. When you remove a user from the organization, WorkBoard simply appends their username and deactivates the user. 

Administrator: Deactivate a User

  1. Access Admin tools from the 9 square menu in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Click User Directory from the left-side menu
  3. Search and select the user you'd like to deactivate
  4. Click Remove User from the organization

When a User is Deactivated:

  • The user is removed from all Teams.
  • The user's OKRs will remain assigned to them until they are reassigned.
  • Their Action Items remain assigned to them.

Note: If they were the Manager of any Teams, then the OKRs for those Teams they were Manager of, stay assigned to the deactivated user until a new Team Manager is assigned. If the User was a Co-Manager the OKRs stay assigned to the deactivated Co-Manager until the Manager or another Co-Manager changes the owner.

Their Action Items are also still assigned to the deactivated Team Manager. However, they can be reassigned by the Co-Manager without having to wait for a new Team Manager to be assigned.

Deactivate Your Own Account

Non-enterprise users can close their own.

  1. Navigate to your Profile Settings 
  2. Select Deactivate Account


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