Heatmap: Organizational Progress and Risk View


The Heatmap page provides a big picture view of OKR progress and risks across teams in the organization. The Heatmap should help you see immediately which OKRs need attention and focus to unblock results.


View by Teams

Filter the Heatmap to select whether you would like to see OKR progress broken down by Teams in the organization or People (OKR owners) in your organization. If looking at the Heatmap by teams, you can narrow down the set of teams in your view by selecting from the following options:

  • Teams in my Org: Will include all functional and working groups that are managed by people who report up to you, all the way down your organization.
  • My Directs' Teams: Teams managed by your immediate direct and dotted reports.
  • Teams I'm on: Teams that you are personally a member of in WorkBoard
  • My Manager's Org: Will include all functional and working groups that are managed by people who report up to your direct manager, all the way down the organization.
  • My Peers' Teams: teams managed by your immediate peers (people who report up to your direct manager).
  • All Teams: All teams with OKRs in your organization and any other team you may be a part of, or have permission to see their OKRs

View by People

Sorting by People allows you to view All People, My Direct Reports or My Direct and Dotted Reports. It will also allow you to search for individuals, if you search for a Marketing leader, the Heatmap will return all Functional and Dynamic Teams that are managed by folks in the Marketing organization.


Filter by Time period or OKR Status

Use the filter at the top to hone your view by time period, Objective progress & status, and Objective categories. The colors indicate progress on the Objective and the Key Results.


The list below the heatmap provides a leader board you can easily scan to see what OKRs various teams are working on and how they are progressing against the Objectives and Key Results they are driving; click into the Objectives for more detail on progress  

Objective and Key Results Report View

From the Heatmap, you can also get a quick report on the team or individual's objectives and results. Just click any of the blocks on the Heatmap for a full view of the Objectives and Key Results for a team! 

Use the Pin icon to favorite the OKR page for your Team or your manager's Team, so you can get to them easily!



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