AI-powered Briefs & Scheduled Briefs


Introducing Briefs, powered by generative AI. Briefs are a game-changing feature that will elevate your OKR setting, task management, and provide your team with succinct, actionable insights. This article will highlight the immediate benefits and impact of our new AI-driven summarization tool. Let's jump in!

Please note this feature is an optional add-on. Please contact your WorkBoard Customer Success Manager for more information.

Generate Briefs based on a Custom List from My Objectives Page

Briefs from MyObjectives.png

Create a Brief for "Objectives I Own" in one Click from the My Objectives page!

Then create a List of any combination of Objectives, Key Results, Teams or Workstreams.

Lists can be used to

  • Generate on-demand Briefs from My Objectives
  • Schedule a Recurring Brief delivered to your inbox on your preferred schedule!

Scheduled Brief for Barry Bosser.png

Watch this short demonstration of Scheduled Briefs (excerpted from the May 2024 Community Call)

Generate Briefs from any Biz Review or Scorecard

Open any Biz Review or Scorecard

Biz Review Brief.png

Generate Briefs from your Team's Page

Team Briefs are created from a Team's landing page.

  1. The dropdown menus adjust the focus, date range, format, and language of the Brief.
  2. The kebab menu (3 dots) allows you to view the last published Brief.
  3. The quick-action icons are available after creating a Brief and allow you to:
    • Copy the Brief
    • Share to Microsoft Teams
  4. Generate Brief will create a Brief for the team and Publish will retain this version of the Brief for the rest of the team to view when they visit the page.

Creating a Team Brief

You can easily create a summary with the following steps:

  • Select the Teamwork module from the top of any page and select Teams.
  • Search and select the applicable team.
  • At the top of the team's page, select an option from each of the dropdowns:
    • Focus: OKRs, OKRs + Workstreams, Workstreams
    • Since: Last Week
    • Format: Bullet Point , Narrative, Custom Format
  • Click Generate Brief
  • Once a Brief is generated, you can add it to your Team page or select the refresh icon to generate a new one. 
  • When finished, select Publish to add it to your Team's landing page.

Summarizing and Grouping Stickies in WoBo Canvas

Co-Author can organize your brainstorming session by summarizing groups of stickies and by clustering stickies by theme. This smart tool streamlines the brainstorming and sense-making process, so you can focus more on executing and less on organizing.
This feature is a part of the Intelligent Enterprise package. Please contact your WorkBoard Customer Success Manager for more information.

Here’s how to use Co-Author to summarize or group stickies:

  • Click WoBo Canvas from the 9-square waffle menu in the upper left-hand corner of WorkBoard.
  • Select the applicable Canvas from the landing page.
  • Use your cursor to select multiple stickies (either click and drag, or hold down shift and click multiple stickies).
  • Click the Co-Author icon and select whether you’d like to:
    • Summarize stickies
    • Cluster stickies by theme
  • Co-Author will automatically populate either a summary or a cluster of stickies, depending on your selection. Drag and drop anywhere within your Canvas, or use the toolbar to duplicate, move, or delete.
    • After placing the cluster or summary, you’ll have access to the full toolbar to edit the text size, sticky color, and other features.

Limitations of Summaries and Briefs

Please be aware that AI-generated summaries are created using large language models (LLMs) that rely on predictive algorithms. This means there's a possibility that these summaries might include inaccuracies or incorrect information.

Therefore, we recommend using AI-generated summaries as initial drafts to speed up your reporting or as starting points for further inquiries, rather than as completely accurate reports.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create a Team Brief?

Managers and Co-Managers can create a brief.

Who can publish a Team Brief?

Only Managers, Co-Managers, or Team Admins can publish a Brief.

Who can see a published Team Brief?

All team members can view the published Brief.

Who can edit or republish a Team Brief?

Only Managers, Co-Managers, and Team Admins can edit and re-publish a Brief.

How can I change my language preference?

You can change your language preference within the Team Brief by selecting the dropdown or from your preferences (select your Avatar in the upper right-hand corner > Settings > select a language in the 'Select Co-Author language' dropdown). 

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