Your First Quarter on WorkBoard


Your first quarter on WorkBoard allows you to execute your results, stay ahead, and celebrate successes. 

Get in the Green


As you proceed through the quarter on WorkBoard, regularly communicate and address status on ongoing projects and Objectives to stay on track on quarterly objectives.

Set Confidence ratings on action items to alert other stakeholders of blockers and update workstream pace and health to red-flag any potential delays: red items will be visible to others on the workstream page and the team workstream dashboard.

If you've aligned any workstreams to related objectives, you'll also have visibility into workstream status on the objective itself.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Be sure to reward your team members with badges as important Objective and project milestones are achieved. If any team members are behind on updating action item or key result status, ping them with a reminder.

Hold periodic 1on1s with your team members to clear roadblocks and refocus priorities. Use the PACE meter at each meeting to align your perceptions on how the team member is progressing, and quickly transform any takeaways into action items for easy follow-through.

Reflect and Celebrate


At the end of the quarter, you can choose to either Close your Objective or Close and Reset. This allows you to celebrate successes by giving the Objective a star rating. Invite your team members to comment on the objective and record what went well or what could have been done differently. Compare progress on objectives from quarter to quarter using the Objective Timeline.

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