Your First Week on WorkBoard


Your first week on WorkBoard provides opportunities to share progress on your objectives and key results, communicate with your team, and plan for the week ahead. 

Share Progress on Your Objectives 

Visit Objectives to share your first week's results by updating your Key Results. Any positive news will reflect on your organization's Heatmap by turning your name green.

If you don't hit your Objectives target or neglect to update the metrics you're responsible for, your name might turn orange or red. This color coding is a great way to quickly identify top performers as well as problem areas you need to address.

To update your Key Results, click the Objectives module and select My Objectives. On the My Objectives page, go to My Key Results and then click Update next to the Key Result you wish to update.



You can also update your Key Results when looking at a specific Objective in the full details view.



If you hit any Objective targets, congratulations! You'll receive a badge from the system reflecting your first completed OKR.

Check out your coworkers' progress on their own objectives and celebrate their successes by leaving comments or sending them badges.

Communicate Status and Meet Up



Communicate overall status on projects by stating your Workstreams' purpose, priority, pace and health. Manage risks and exceptions with a bird's-eye view with Biz Review dashboards.

Use meetings with Workboard, set an agenda using your existing OKRs and Action Items, and spend your time productively discussing blockers and planning deliverables rather than getting bogged down in status reporting. Set the timer to make sure to stay on topic. Turn takeaways into action items as you type them to ensure accountability.

Find What's Due, Overdue, and Next Screen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_11.10.03_AM.png

Each day, click Objectives and check My Work to see an overview of the week's work, what's due today, and anything that is overdue. Revisit overdue items to update your current status, indicate blockers, or reset priorities.


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