View and Publish OKR Alignment


Users can see how objectives align across the organization from the Alignment view on the Objectives menu. Here you can easily visualize objective dependencies and alignment, as well as how individuals in the organization contribute to company results.  

You can view Alignment by Organization, By Objective or in the Full Alignment Report.

Expand the tree:  With all of the views, click the dark circle endpoint at the end of a branch to unfurl the branches below it.

See details:  Hover your mouse over the Team, Person, or Objective to see a summary of the OKR. Click on the popup card to get more details!

Scroll the tree:  Click anywhere on the screen to grab and move the alignment view around. Use your mouse to zoom in and out (sliding fingers forward/backward) using the scroll ball or track pad.

By Organization

  • Team - The Team Organizational Alignment View allows you view the Functional Teams in your Org and the OKRs that they own.
  • People - The People Organization Alignment View allows you to see the OKRs that individuals Manage or Co-Manage in a Reporting View. You can also see dotted-line reporting, which the WorkBoard Administrator can set-up.

By Objective

The Objective alignment view allows you to see how OKRs are aligned individually throughout the organization. By default, just as with the By Organization Views, the By Objective view starts with the senior-most executive (P&L Owner, GM, President, CEO, etc.) in the organization. You can however, search for a person or team to display.


Add an aligned objective in the Objective View:  Click the thin blue branch with the plus sign to align in an existing objective.

Filter the tree. Easily filter the tree by:

  • Time period, including annual or quarterly KRs
  • Open or closed 

Full Alignment Report

You can see a list view of the same information from the By Objective View in the Full Alignment Report. There are some really fantastic views such as the Next-Level Alignment Report that allow you to filter for specific insights. 

View and publish the full alignment report: Get a nested list view of aligned objectives and key results. Select the Full Alignment Report tab, then search by teams, objectives, or individual owners. Click the +/- icons at the left of the list to show or hide selected objectives, or choose a level of detail ("All Objectives and Key Results" or "Top OKRs") from the pulldown menu at the top right. Click the Slack, email, or printer icons in the upper right corner to publish your report to any of those channels.  


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