Update WorkBoard Platform Preferences


WorkBoard application preferences allow you to curate your experience. After you've spent some time exploring in WorkBoard, its a great time to adjust your Email Preferences, your Start Page, Tool Preferences, Workstream Board view preference and Microsoft Teams Integration preferences for Calibrate & Celebrate.

Navigate to Preferences

  1. Click on your picture (or the gear if you've not yet added a profile pic)
  2. Click My Settings
  3. Click Preferencesmceclip2.png
  4. Make your selections to curate your WorkBoard experience

Platform Preferences

Email Preferences

  • Weekly Velocity Stats: A fun email telling you how much you got done this week
  • Morning Due Today list: Start your day off on the right foot by getting your list emailed to you.
  • Daily digest of all my notifications: Get a summary at the end of the day with all of your notifications
  • Immediate alerts as action items change: Receive an email when action items you own or are in the loop on get changed
  • OKR Updates: Receive an email on OKRs for the teams you belong to and OKRs where you are a KR delegate.  Specifically, updates to KR data, OKR comments and @mentions, KR delegation, and request for feedback when an OKR is closed.
  • Don't send me any emails: Unsubscribe from all emails
  • Best practices, tips, and news: Receive periodic tips, news, and best practices!

Email Notification FAQs

  1. When are OKR notifications to be sent out to users? OKR updates emails are sent out immediately after the user action.
  2. Are OKR Updates email preferences sent at a specific time of day or when an action (i.e. KR delegation) occurs? OKR updates emails are sent out immediately after the user action.
  3. Does KR delegation apply when a user is the KR Owner and/or Data Provider or KR Ownership only? Emails for KR delegation apply to both the KR owner and Data Provider.
  4. If the wording of an OKR is changed, will there be an email update without an @mention? No.

Start Page Preferences

WorkBoard doesn't have a specific home page because each part of the application has different and meaning based on your role in your organization. For that reason, WorkBoard lets you choose your start page, and change it over time.


Choose between the following options:

Running Business Review - Running Business Reviews (or Biz Reviews for short) are WorkBoard dashboards that allow you showcase the great work your team is doing to achieve your OKRs. This is a great start page for Senior Managers, Directors & Executives because it allows them to view their business at a glance from the moment they login to WorkBoard.

My Work - My Work lets you see all of your Action Items across all of your Teams in the organization. It also allows you to see the Private Requests (Action Items that are sent directly to you that are not on a Team or Personal Workstream). This is a great start page for Project Managers or Individual Contributors who help manage projects across many functional & cross-functional teams.

Objectives - The Objectives page (My Objectives, Heatmap, & Timeline) are great places to start for anyone, but best for Team Managers, Co-Managers and anybody in a Management role.

Workstream View Preferences


You can change the default Workstream view when you click on a Workstream. You can navigate between either view, this just determines the first view you see after clicking on a Workstream.

Board View - The default selection. When you click on a Workstream, you'll see the work categorized by status (completion flow/kanban board), or in a custom workstream (by type of work or project management outline).


List View - This view is what you would find in MyWork. This allows you to see your Action Items in a list, rather than a Board View.


Calibrate & Celebrate in Microsoft Teams Preferences

Start off by enabling Calibrate & Celebrate in your WorkBoard Platform Preferences.

We suggest to make sure both Calibrate and Celebrate updates are selected. Select the day which you start your week on Calibrate (Sunday or Monday):


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