Connecting Google or Outlook Calendar to WorkBoard

Connect Google or Outlook calendars to WorkBoard so you can create WorkBoard Meetings for existing calendar invites. Manage the agenda, topics, decisions and takeaways in WorkBoard and the time and schedule in your calendar.

Enabling the Integration

There are two places where you can enable the Outlook or Google Calendar WorkBoard Meetings integration.

Preferences Page

1. Select the dropdown next to your picture

2. Select Integrations & Import


3. Choose to Integrate WorkBoard Meetings with Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook.


4. You will be asked to sign-in to Office365 or GSuite respectively.

Meetings Page

1. Click on Meetings on the top navigation.

2. At the top of the page click on either Link Google or Link Outlook.


Link WorkBoard Meetings to existing Google or Outlook Calendar Events

If you create a new Meeting in WorkBoard by selecting New Meeting, you can Link it to a Google/Outlook Meeting. This allows you to prep the agenda and then share it with the rest of the attendees on the Calendar Invite.

1. Select Meet Now 

2. Add your Topics for Discussion

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