Celebrate Coworkers and Communicate with Badges


Badges are a great way to provide feedback to your team or congratulate them on success. You can send badges on specific actions, specific Objectives, or to give someone kudos.   

Give Badges

Send a Badge From a Profile

  1. Find your peer's member profile 
  2. Enter a shoutout in the Momentum section on their page
  3. Click the paper airplane icon to send

Send a Badge from My Work

  1. Navigate to your My Work page
  2. Select either the Today or All view. 
  3. Click Give a Badgemceclip1.png
  4. Type in who the badge is for 
  5. Add a message for the badge
  6. Pick a badge
  7. Click Send

See Your Badges

Go to your My Work page, while using the Today or All tabs there will be a "trophy case", you'll see View All Badges. Click that to see the badges you've earned and given.  

Managers and co-managers of a team will be able to see all of its members' feedback badges. Otherwise, only the badge giver and badge recipient will see the badge and the note that goes with it.

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