Push Workboard meetings and 1on1s with your calendar

To integrate Workboard with your Google or Outlook Calendar, go to Workboard's Preferences page, click on the My Integrations tab, and click the "Add to Google," "Add to Outlook," or "Add to Office 365" button.

You'll be asked to confirm that you want to allow Workboard to access your Google or Outlook calendar. Once you've done so, you can begin syncing meetings between Workboard and your Google or Outlook calendar.

Sync meetings from your Office 365 calendar to Workboard

If you are an Office 365 user, install our Outlook Add-On to create Workboard meetings directly from your calendar. 

Create meetings in Workboard and sync them to your Outlook or Google Calendars

When you create a meeting in Workboard, it will automatically be pushed to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Create a meeting by going to the meetings tab and and clicking on New Meeting. Make sure that the push this meeting to calendar box is checked so that the meeting is automatically sent to your Outlook or Google calendar. 

Opt out of this integration on a case by case basis by unchecking the "push this meeting to calendar" option when planning a new meeting.

Once you create the new meeting, the event will be created in your Google or Outlook Calendar. Invitees who have integrated their calendars will see the Workboard meeting pushed to their respective calendars. 


Push action items from Workboard to your Outlook or Google Calendar

To send an action item to your Google or Outlook Calendar, click the kebab (three dots) icon kebab icon at the end of the row in a list view, or in the upper right corner of an action item details pop up and select "Push to [Google/Outlook] Calendar".


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