Delegate action items

Share work with other members of your team by delegating action items. You will automatically get notified when your teammate attaches files, edits notes, or changes status. Delegating action items is a great way to hand an action item back and forth as you and your co-workers complete steps in a process, or return an action item assigned by your manager with attached files and a request for review.

To delegate an action item, click on your name in the Owner column on the workstream list view and select the name of the teammate to whom you want to assign the action item. If the teammate is not yet a member of your team, enter their email address to invite them.

If you want to add notes or other people to the loop before delegating the action item, click on the action item name to open the action item details page. Here you can make any additional edits, then click the Owner name on the top bar to delegate the action item to a team member.

Ensure a teammate receives status updates on an action item by adding them to the loop. They'll get notified by email and in the app whenever you update status, add comments or notes, or upload files.

If you've assigned an action item to someone else, you can ping them to get a status update. Just click on the three dots icon (kebab menu) kebab icon at the end of the row and select Ping. The owner of the action item will get a notification and an email asking them to update their status.

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