Publish & Export Workstreams

Publishing Workstreams

Publish any workstream to print, email or Slack by clicking the kebab (three dots) icon at the top right of any workstream and selecting Publish. You can optionally include the notes, comments and attachments that go with each action item. Your published list will include the status, priority, confidence and level of effort of each action item, as well as its owner and due date.

You can then Slack, email or print the report using the corresponding icons in the upper right side of the report.

Exporting Workstreams

  1. Obtain the Workstream ID -- you can get the ID by going to the URL of the Workstream. Within the URL, it will say
  2. Copy the bolded ID as seen above
  3. Enter this URL into your browser:{ws_id}. In that URL, enter the ID after the '=' and remove the brackets.
  4. This will generate the export and you'll select Click here to download the export.

For performing multiple workstreams' export, you can pass the workstream ids as comma separated value and URL will look like:{wsid1},{wsid2},{wsid3} ..

You can also export the action items for a team. To perform the team export, use the following URL format:{team_id}

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