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Teams are groups of people that collaborate on common Objectives and Workstreams. You can set up teams that mimic your formal organization structure, with Finance, HR, IT and Senior Leadership teams. You can view all of the functional teams in your org in the Alignment View (By Organization > Teams). Or you can create cross-functional teams to collaborate across departments: coordinating a new product launch, a new office branch, or an initiative to streamline internal processes. 

Finding your way around the Teams Page

You can view all of your current Teams by navigating to the Teams page from the Main Menu. 

Navigating to the Teams Page

  1. Select Teams
  2. You will be taken to the last team you selected, or if it's your first time here, the first team on your list, which is located on the right in the side-pane.


Within each team, everyone can see the activity that is shared with them, such as the Team OKRs, Workstreams & Action Items.


Team OKRs

All of the existing Team OKRs will appear on the OKRs tab. If your Team has not created any OKRs then the tab will not appear. Only Managers, Co-Managers and Team Admins can create, edit and delete Team OKRs.

Team Workstreams

Workstreams are a collection of Action Items organized in a completion flow (kanban) type board, or in a customized board tailored to your team needs, such as a project management flow or by the type of work the team is doing.

Action Items

The Action Items tab showcases all of the Action Items across all of your Team Workstreams.

Weekly Snapshots

Weekly Snapshots displays the Teams week-over-week Action Item progress.

Team Members

The Team Members tab shows the members of the Team and their existing permission level.

Team Settings & Options 


To favorite your Team, click on the pushpin to Favorite it. It will appear in the Side-Pane and also when you hover Over Teams (on the main menu).


Adding Team OKRs, Workstreams & Members

To add Team OKRs, Workstreams and Team Members hover over the "+" and choose an option.

Note: In order to see all three of these options you will need to be a Manager or Co-Manager. Please see Team permissions to learn more. 


Publishing & Printing

The Publish or Print icon (highlighted below) allows you to create report summaries which can include Team OKRs, Workstreams and show Org-Level alignment.


Team Settings

As a Manager or Co-Manager, you can edit the Team Name or Archive your Team. 

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