Copying and Closing OKRs at the End of a Time Period


After the achieve by date of an Objective has passed, close the OKR to collect feedback and celebrate or reflect in preparation for the next OKR-setting period or copy the OKR to the new time period to continue making updates.

  • Only Team Managers and Co-Managers can close, copy, and archive OKRs.

Close and Copy OKRs 

From the kebab menu (3 dots), you can access various actions for your OKRs such as copying and closing:

  • Close out OKR: This closes and archives the current OKR. 
  • Copy and reset OKR: This copies the Objective and associated Key Results but doesn't close the current OKR.

Closing OKRs

  • Next to the applicable OKR, click the kebab menu (3 dots).
  • Select Close out OKR.
    • Optional: input the achievement, rate your progress,  and add a narrative. You can request feedback from your teammates.
  • When finished, select Done.

Copying OKRs

  • Next to the applicable OKR, click the kebab menu (3 dots).
  • Select Copy and reset OKR.
  • Check the box next to the Key Results you'd like to carry over and click Copy and edit.(Please note that only certain measurement types can be copied over. Multi-period Key Results cannot be copied at this time.)
  • Edit your Objective and Key Results fields and when finished, click Done.

Moving OKRs

In some cases you may need to move an OKR to another Team. In order to move an OKR to another team, you need to be a Manager or Co-Manager on both the originating Team (where the OKR exists currently) and the receiving Team (where the OKR will be moved to).

To move an OKR:

  1. Next to your team OKR, select the kebab menu (3 dots) and then Edit Settings.
  2. Click the pencil next to the Objective name.
  3. Select the Team dropdown, then search and select the team that will own the OKR.
  4. In the Owner dropdown, select a Team Manager or Co-Manager responsible for the OKR.
  5. When finished, select Done to lock in your changes.

Bulk Closing OKRs

Users enabled with the Governance function are able to bulk close OKRs ending on or before a certain end date. Bulk closing will close both personal and team OKRs that have an end date that is prior to the selected date.

To bulk close OKRs:

  • Click the 9 square waffle menu in the upper-left hand corner of the navigation bar and select Governance from the dropdown.
  • From the left-hand toolbar, select Close out OKRs.
  • In the 'Close out all OKRs ending on or before' field, select the applicable date for the OKRs you'd like to close.
    • After selecting a date, a message will populate notifying you about the total amount of OKRs that will be closed (ex. 120 OKRs will be closed out in the organization).
  • Select Bulk Close.
    • A confirmation message will appear once processed.
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