Close & Reset OKRs at the End of a Time Period


After the achieve by date of an objective has passed, close the OKR to collect feedback and celebrate or reflect in preparation for the next OKR-setting period.

  • Only Team managers and co-managers can close and reset or archive OKRs.

Kebab Menu Close & Copy Options:

  • Close Out OKR  - This closes out and archives the current OKR. 
  • Copy & Reset OKR - Copies this OKR but doesn't close it. 

End of OKR Prompt options:

  • Copy & Reset - Closes the OKR but allows you to copy it with the same Key Results for the next Time period.
  • Close - This closes out the current OKR.

Close and Copy OKRs 

Note: The directions below use the typical workflow, which uses the prompt to Close & Archive or Close & Reset the current OKR, rather than using the options in the Kebab which can be accessed at any time during the life of the OKR.

  1. Using either the prompt at the bottom of the OKR or the kebab you can choose Copy and reset or Close to close your Team OKR. 
  2. Rate your own progress to achievement and as ask your teammates for their feedback.
  3. Select Done.
  4. If you selected Close out OKR then you've closed out this OKR successfully. However, if you selected Close & Reset then an editor will appear asking you which Key Results for this same Objective you'd like to copy over to the next time period.
  5. Choose the Key Results you'd like to carry over to the next time period by unchecking the available KRs, then select Copy and edit.
  6. Make any final Edits to your Objective and Key Results and click Done.

Copy & Move OKRs

In some cases you may need to copy an OKR and move it to another Team. In order to move an OKR to another team you need to be a Manager or Co-Manager on both the originating Team (where the OKR exists currently) and the receiving Team (where the OKR will be moved to).

  1. Hover over your Team OKR and click the Kebab.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Click the Pencil next to the Objective.
  4. Where it says Team click on the arrow and search/select the Team you wish to move the OKR to.
  5. Next, select the Owner drop-down and select the correct OKR Owner on that Team.
  6. Select Done.


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