Turn on status reports

To turn on Reports:

  1. Click the Teams icon on the top navigation
  2. Click on Reports in the left pane
  3. Click the Set Status Reports link at the top of the Reports page.
  4. Pick which report you would like and which day you would like to receive the report. 
  • If you pick Simple check-ins, your direct and dotted line reports will be asked to provide highlights for their week, and where they need help. You will also get an automated report of your team’s action item details for the week.
  • If you pick Employee status reports, your direct reports will be asked to fill out a status report for the week and can manually select which work to share with you. You will also get a report for the action item details of your dotted line and collaborators team members.
  • Pick Only send me team and workstream summaries to get the automatically generated summary report only.

If you select simple check-ins your team can go to their My Work every week to submit their weekly reports. They will have until midnight your time of the day you have selected to fill in and save their responses. The reports will automatically be locked and sent to you after midnight.

Quick tip: Not sure which day of the week to pick? Try picking the night before your team has a weekly meeting, or Saturday for a nice weekly wrap-up.


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