Edit action items

Action item owners, team managers and co-managers, and team members who delegated an action item can edit or update it.

Edit in list view

To edit action items in the My Work or Team Work list views, click on the column you would like to edit. Its priority, confidence rating, effort, owner, due date, and status can be changed here. Comments and attachments can also be added. To edit action item notes or checklist items, or to add more people to the loop on the action item, click the name of the action item to edit it on the action item details popup.

Sort, filter, and bulk change action items

All of your action item lists can be sorted — alphabetically, or by priority, rating, effort, workstream, due date or status — by clicking on the column header in list view. This is a great tool for pulling the action items you need to focus on to the top of the list.

Filter any list by clicking Filter at the top right of any list of action items. Check and uncheck different filters to customize your list. You can also Bulk Change action items in any list view to change many action items' owner, workstream or other attributes.

Edit in board view

To edit action items in the board view of a workstream, click on the card for the action item you would like to edit and the action item detail panel will slide out from the right side of the screen. All items in the action item details popup are included here, just in a more condensed format.

Edit on calendar view

Edit the status attributes and due dates of action items on Calendar views by clicking on them. To edit action item notes or checklist items, or to add comments, attachments, or additional team members to the loop, double click on the action item or CTRL or CMD click to edit it on the action item details popup.

Editing action item details

To change the notes, tags, or repeating status of an action item, you will need to edit it from the the action item details popup. Access this page by clicking on the name of an action item in a list or calendar view.

Editing multiple action items

Edit multiple action items at one time by clicking Bulk Change at the upper right of a list view. Click the checkbox next to the action items you'd like to change, select the change at the top of the table, then click Apply.

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