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There are several ways to capture your own actions and route actions to colleagues in Workboard: through the Web and mobile apps, from your inbox, from Slack, with a text message, and by importing from a spreadsheet.

Add a Simple Due Today List

  1. Click Teamwork
  2. Select My Work
  3. Click to Today
  4. Type your action in the first row on the table on the page
  5. Press return
  6. Add all the items you need to do today until complete

Actions have attributes like priority level, risk rating, effort, owner, due date and completion status. As you add items to your Today list, Workboard assumes they're due today. It also assumes the items are normal priority, normal effort level (rather than huge), green risk rating and are private. You can change any of these attributes by clicking on them.

If the items are part of a team effort, change the Workstream to a team Workstream by clicking Personal and selecting the right team and Workstream. This allows everyone to see the status without having to email each other for updates.

Create Actions with Detailed Notes, Images, and Checklist Items

Use actions as "containers" for the whole job that needs to be done. Put any content that needs to be reviewed, revised, or finalized into the body of the actions.

Click any action in your Today or This Week list to add more detail.

  1. Click Create
  2. Click Action
  3. Add details as needed
    Note: Review the anatomy of an Action to learn more about Action fields

Delegate or Assign Actions

  1. Click your name on an Action
  2. Search for the person to which you'd like to delegate the item
  3. Select their name
    Note: You can see the status of items you've delegated on My Work > More > Work I Delegated

Forward Emails into WorkBoard

To move things you or someone on your team need to do out of your mailbox and into Workboard, forward the email to Workboard.

  1. Click your Profile Photo
  2. Click My Settings
  3. Select Profile Settings
  4. Copy the WorkBoard Email Address
  5. Add it to your contacts in your email 
  6. Forward any emails you want to the address. The action will default to your Personal Stream.
    Note: The body of the email (including long email chains) will go into the action notes field and attachments will be added to the action as well. The email subject line will be the action name, so modify it as needed. Use the short cuts to quickly customize where the action will go in WorkBoard.
Subject line: Get John month-end stats @Jeff #Analytics# !4/30

Text Actions into WorkBoard

  1. Click your Profile Photo
  2. Click My Settings
  3. Select Profile Settings
  4. Add a phone number to your account
  5. Once a phone number is associated with your account, you can text actions into Workboard.
    Note: The action will default to doing status, green confidence and your personal workstream with today as the due date.

Use the quick add syntax to quickly customize where the action will go in Workboard.

Add Actions from Slack

If you've enabled Slack integration, you can turn a decision or idea from a Slack discussion into a Workboard action.

Ask our friendly chatbot (nicknamed "WoBot") to "Add an action" and it will walk you through delegating the action, adding it to a workstream, and more.

Or, if someone sends you an actionable chat message, convert it to an action with a couple of clicks.

Use the Chrome Extension to Manage Actions

Workboard's Chrome Extension allows you to view, add, and check off completed tasks on your daily Action list without switching browser tabs or navigating away.

Import Actions from Excel

If you have all of your actions in a spreadsheet, WorkBoard makes it easy to import them from Excel. 

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