Close and Archive Workstreams


If a project or initiative is complete, the team's manager or co-manager can close or archive the workstream

  • Closing - the workstream will add a checkmark next to it in the preview pane to indicate to everyone that it is complete 
  • Archiving  - the workstream will move it into your Archived list by alphabetical order.

Note: You can always open a closed Workstreams and unarchive an archived Workstream. When you Archive a Workstream, all of the Action Items that have not been completed will no longer appear on the Teams Action Items list view nor in the My Work section of WorkBoard for those responsible for them. This is because you're essentially archiving the Action Items along with the Workstream. When you Close a Workstream, those Action Items still need to be completed and will appear on the Teams page as undone Action Items as well as the individuals My Work


  1. Click on the Kebab in the upper right-hand corner of your Workstream
  2. Select Close or Archive


Reopening a Closed Workstream:

From the Teams page or Workstreams page, navigate to the closed Workstream. Click on the Kebab and select reopen.


Unarchiving a Workstream:

To Unarchive, simply find the Work



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