Edit, Copy, Move, and Delete Workstreams


If you're the manager or co-manager of a team, you can edit the workstream's name or purpose, its priority level, health & pace, and the workstream's lead.

To edit the workstream's name, simply click on the name as it appears at the top of the workstream page.

On the workstream's dashboard, you will see options to set a start and end date. You can leave this blank if the workstream will be an ongoing stream of work. You can communicate how you feel about the status of the workstream by changing the priority from P1-P5 (P1 is considered critical and high priority), its Health from Risk to Good, and its Pace from Slow to Fast. Communicate who is responsible for leading the workstream by setting the Lead; by default this is the manager of the team.


Occasionally you might fill a workstream with action items, then realize they will be useful for another team, or for the same team but with different owners. If you are the manager or co-manager of the team, you can make a copy of a template workstream by clicking on the kebab menu(three dots) icon at the top right of the workstream Board or List view and selecting Workstream Actions > Copy Workstream.

You can rename this new workstream, as well as change the team and lead. Click Add to add the workstream to the queue; keep adding more if necessary to copy one workstream to multiple places.

Use Bulk Change to move many, but not all, of a workstream's action items from one workstream to another: Navigate to the workstream list view, click Bulk Change at the far right, then click the checkboxes to select as many action items as you need. Select the workstream dropdown in the Bulk Change box, choose the destination workstream, and click Apply.

Please note: When copying a Workstream from one team to another, Action Items assigned to users that are not on the receiving team will be assigned to the Workstream lead. If the Action Item owner is a member of the receiving team, then the Action Item will stay assigned to that owner.


If you need to restructure your Workboard, or divide work between different teams, Move workstream will be useful to you.

Click the kebab (three dots) icon at the top right of the workstream Board or List view and select Workstream Actions > Move workstream. Select the team to which you want to move the workstream, as well as the new workstream lead contributor.

Delete, Archive, and Close

To delete a workstream, click the kebab (three dots) icon at the top right of the workstream Board or List view and select Workstream Actions > Delete Workstream. You can also choose to Archive it if you just want to remove it from its current team, but save the data. The workstream will appear under the Archive team at the bottom of your Boards side pane navigation. You can Close it as well; this will simply put a checkmark next to the workstream name to let everyone know it's closed, but it will still be available under the team's name in the side pane navigation.

Note: There must always be a Workstream associated with the Team, therefore not all Workstreams can be deleted.

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