Teams FAQs

How do I change My Team's name?

Team managers and co-managers can change the name of the team at any time! From the Teams icon on the main navigation, click the team's name in the side pane, then click the kebab (three dot) menu icon at the top right of the team's page. You will be able to update the team name by clicking on "Edit Team Name". 

One of my team members isn’t on Workboard yet; can I resend the link?

Yes, just go to the team's page and select the team they’re on. Next to their name on the Roster tab, click Resend to send the invitation again.

How do I modify a user's permissions on a team?

To change the permissions that your team member has for a team, navigate to the Team Roster page (Teams > [Team Name] > Roster) and click their permission (it will say something like Member or Co-Manager).

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