Add and remove team members


As a Team Manager or Co-Manager you may need to add or remove users when folks join your team or move on to another team in your organization. WorkBoard Administrators can also add/remove users from teams in your organization.

  1. Click on Teams on the main menu at the top of the screen.
  2. In the side-pane select the Team for which you need to add/remove a user.
  3. Choose the Team Members tab to see all of the users on the Team.



Adding Users to your Team

  1. Hover over the "+" in the upper right-hand corner of your Team and select Add Team Member.
  2. Search in your organization for the correct user to add to your Team and click the Checkbox and then select Done to confirm adding the user to your Functional or Working Group Team.


What if the user I'm looking for doesn't appear when I search for them?

In some cases you may be trying to add a co-worker that has not been added to WorkBoard by your Administrator (or provisioned by your IT organization). If this is the case then you'll need to reach out to the WorkBoard Core Program Team and inquire on when they'll be added, as all users are added on a scheduled cadence, typically in correlation with their level in the organization. 

Can I add someone (such as a contractor) just to this Team and not expose them to all the data in our organization?

Yes, you can add users just to a Team by adding them via email (see screenshot below). 


Do External Users require a WorkBoard license?

Yes, External Users do require a WorkBoard license, however, if they already belong to another WorkBoard Org then they wouldn't require another license. External Users only take a license from you when they don't exist in any other organization.

It would be worth asking the individual (that you would like to add to your team) if they belong to another WorkBoard Org, and if not, reaching out to your Core Program Team to ask if it's okay to add them as an External User to your Team.

What kind of data are External Users able to Access?

External Users are only exposed to the data on the Team to which they've been added. So, for example, if they were to go to the Heatmap or the Alignment View, they would only view/interact with data from that Team and nothing else.

Removing team members

  1. Click on the Kebab next to a user on your Team
  2. 2021-01-11_09-32-40.png
  3. You'll be prompted to move their Team Action Items (across all Team Workstreams) to another User before removing them. 
  4. 2021-01-11_09-34-59.png
    • If you do not search for and select another user to assign Team Action Items to, then their Action Items will be automatically reassigned to the Team Manager, which the Co-Manager can also reassign.
  5. Select Remove from Team to confirm the users removal.

Reference this article for more information about adding/removing users as an Administrator.

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