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WorkBoard Co-Author to Set OKRs & Achieve Great Results

WorkBoard has a new version of its platform named WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise that embeds GenAI throughout to simplify strategy alignment and improve strategy execution. It brings the power and conveniences of generative AI and machine learning to strategy execution.
WorkBoard embedded GenAI across its platform to elevate people and performance.

  • Lower the OKR learning curve
  • Deliver insights to accelerate decisions
  • Simplify cross-functional collaboration
  • Eliminate tedious work like status reporting

Contact your CSM for WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise upgrade pricing and information.

Benefits for Colleagues Using OKRs and WorkBoard

WorkBoard’s Co-Author transforms the experience setting OKRs from frustrating to fun. Yes, teams find it fun and delightful to use Co-Author!

That delight comes from the magic combination of doing incredibly fast what humans do frustratingly slow.

Co-Author and GenAI in WorkBoard completely removes the four frustrations teams face:

  1. Being unfamiliar with the difference between objectives and key results (or a previous framework the organization used)
  2. Getting hung up on how to phrase their intentions and objectives so the discussion takes too long
  3. Struggling to define measurable outcomes instead of listing their tasks and activity
  4. Identifying dependencies and coordinating outcomes with other teams

WorkBoard’s Co-Author solves these problems and more!

  • Eliminates the need to know the OKR structure to align quickly and effectively
  • Reduces the time to find the right inspiration for objectives to just seconds
  • Converts tasks and questions into good outcome measures and leading indicators in one second
  • Identifies related results and work automatically for each key result

Teams align on outcomes functionally and cross functionally faster, find the discussions more fruitful and fun, and spend less time setting OKRs.

The items below can help you get going, and borrow the benefits list above and below to your in-house knowledge center:

Co-Author is a WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise platform feature. Contact your CSM to request upgrade pricing and information.

Expanded Feature Overview

Set Better OKRs Faster

Co-Author helps teams have faster more fruitful OKR conversations, with less spin outs on syntax and word choices:

  • Suggest Objectives and Key Results based on your OKRs and strategy
  • Give teams OKRs to react to as a jump start in the discussion
  • Iterate on Key Results so they’re better measures
  • Transform tasks to outcomes, and lagging to leading measures instantly
  • Translate and generate OKRs in the team’s language on the fly
  • Get the benefits of ChatGPT to quickly author OKRs without leaking data!

* Co-Author is a WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise platform feature. Contact your CSM to request upgrade pricing and information.


Collaborate on dependencies more easily

Simplify and improve cross functional alignment and coordination with embedded AI.

  • See potential relationships between key results, workstreams, and actions owned by disparate teams
  • Get prompts on where blockers may exist
  • Capture lateral results alignment and blockers easily from our machine-learning suggestions
  • Get visibility on the progress of related work including where dependency risk are


Distill and publish progress summaries instantly

Coming in January! Let WorkBoard’s AI distill information and deliver it fast and efficiently.

  • Use Co-Author to instantly create progress summaries for scorecards and biz reviews (MBRs) in WorkBoard
  • Choose the voice and tone that serve your audience
  • Publish summaries on team pages*, biz reviews (MBRs), scorecards and into Microsoft Team channels instantly or to PowerPoint and Excel

* Team Summaries are a WorkBoard Intelligent Enterprise platform feature. Contact your CSM to request upgrade pricing and information.



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